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Interactive Reading Books
Interactive Reading Books
Created by a Special Education teacher, these unique books are a wonderful way to use the power of visual strategies to teach children how to create sentences and expand their language use. Children also learn to associate pictures with written words and develop matching skills, picture identification, labeling, and reading skills. Each of the 8 books includes movable pictures with hook-and-loop fasteners. The child matches each picture to its place in a sentence, or at a more basic level the child matches each picture to its identical image. Drawings are colorful and attractive. The fun, interactive nature of these books is rewarding to children with and without special needs. Books are 8"x 5", laminated and bound by two rings. Each book includes 12 activity pages plus picture library pages. Laminated cards are 2"x 2".
L683   I Go to School     $22.95   Add to cart
L330   Things I Do at Home     $22.95   Add to cart
L167   Action!     $22.95   Add to cart
L606   How Do I Feel?     $22.95   Add to cart
L385   The Ups and Downs of Opposites     $22.95   Add to cart
L972   Sounds Good to Me!     $22.95   Add to cart
L289   How Many?     $22.95   Add to cart
L997   What Color Is It?     $22.95   Add to cart
L724   Set of all 8 Books     $179.95   Add to cart

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