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Jumbo Animals

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Jumbo Animals

Five nice sets of large creatures that are durable and easy to hold. These plastic animals and dinosaurs feature detailed, realistic coloring, and are very easy to clean. For scale, horse measures 7.5"H x 10"L. Largest dinosaur measures 12"L x 9"H. From 2 years. The Ocean Animals and Dinosaurs are from 3 years.

D349   Jumbo Jungle Animals     $32.95   Add to cart
D110   Jumbo Farm Animals     $32.95   Add to cart
D470   Jumbo Pets Animals     $32.95   Add to cart
D069   Jumbo Ocean Animals     $32.95   Add to cart
D365   Jumbo Dinosaurs     $32.95   Add to cart
D595   Jumbo Zoo Animals     $32.95   Add to cart
D252   Set of all 6     $189.95   Add to cart

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Many possibilities for creative play and language enrichment with these authentic replicas of animals and vehicles. To contribute to their authenticity, the animals were created in collaboration with field experts from museums of natural history. Conveniently packed in reusable acetate Toobs. Please note: Replicas range in size from 1.5" to 3". The size of the replicas is not to scale, e.g. the chicken is as big as the sheep. The boats do not float on water. Hand painted, phthalate free.
WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

D892   Farm Toob (12 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
D022   Pets Toob (12 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
D900   In The Water Toob (12 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
D203   On The Road Toob (9 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
D049   In The Sky Toob (12 pcs.)     $11.95   Add to cart
D830   Set of All 5     $56.95   Add to cart

Larger image


Stack or nest the "houses", put the animals in and take them out, invent stories - this toy offers so many opportunities for dramatic play, building fine motor skills, and language enrichment! Includes 5 "houses" made of heavy-duty cardboard, and 5 plastic animal figures. Largest house is a 5" cube, cow is 2.5"L x 2"H. From 18 months.

D260          $21.95   Add to cart
Farming Around

Larger image

Farming Around

Welcome to the farm! The animals, farmer and his tractor are chunky wooden pieces that are easy for little hands to play with. All pieces fit inside the barn for easy transport and storage. The front of the storage box opens flat on the table to provide "ground" printed with a road, flower garden, duck pond and more. Barn has open archway cutout to move figures inside or out, or you can leave the "roof" open and reach into the barn. Includes 22 wooden pieces. Barn is 12"W x 9"H x 4"D. Farmer is 3"H. From 18 months.

D642          $39.95   Add to cart
Fold & Go Sets

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Fold & Go Sets

Great for home visits! All sets have a convenient carrying handle. Lightweight and portable, each style is hinged along one side to open easily when it's time to play. Barn includes 7 farm animals, ladder, sliding barn doors and folding corral. Horse figurine is 3.5" tall. Dollhouse includes 2 dolls and 11 pieces of furniture. Dolls are 3"H. Castle includes 2 horses, 4 figures, furniture, drawbridge and dungeon. Figures are 3"H. Each measures 13" x 7" x 10" when folded. From 3 years.

D305   Fold & Go Castle     $49.95   Add to cart
D310   Fold & Go Dollhouse     $49.95   Add to cart
D981   Fold & Go Barn     $49.95   Add to cart
D298   Set of all 3     $148.95   Add to cart
Costume Role Play Sets

Larger image

Costume Role Play Sets

An exceptional line of costume play sets! These elaborate role-playing costumes are great for the classroom or at home. All are machine washable and come with a reusable name tag to personalize them. These durable costumes feature realistic play accessories. It's the great details that bring these costumes to life! One size; fits most kids ages 3-6 years.
Set of 7 includes:
Astronaut includes zippered spacesuit with silver accents, removable shiny helmet, and fitted gloves.
Chef includes jacket, hat, oven mitt, wooden utensils, measuring spoons.
Doctor includes jacket, mask, thermometer, stethoscope with sound effects, syringe, reflex hammer and ear scope.
Veterinarian includes jacket, mask, hat, thermometer, stethoscope with sound effects, bandage, syringe and plush dog "patient."
Police Officer includes jacket, hat, whistle, handcuffs, badge, ticket and walkie-talkie with sound effects.
Pilot includes uniform jacket with shirtfront, hat, detachable necktie, flight wings, reusable pre-flight checklist, and steering yoke.
Magician includes cape with bow tie, vest with secret pocket, top hat with hidden compartment, wand, silver coin, rabbit, and card with tricks (Instructions for a few magic tricks).

D460   Astronaut     $29.95   Add to cart
D879   Chef     $29.95   Add to cart
D342   Doctor     $29.95   Add to cart
D918   Veterinarian     $29.95   Add to cart
D050   Police Officer     $29.95   Add to cart
D816   Magician     $29.95   Add to cart
D919   Pilot     $29.95   Add to cart
D286   Set of 7     $208.95   Add to cart
More Costume Role Play Sets

Larger image

More Costume Role Play Sets

An exceptional line of costume play sets! These elaborate role-playing costumes are great for the classroom or at home. All sets are machine washable and come with a reusable name tag to personalize them. These durable costumes feature realistic play accessories (batteries not included). It's the great details that bring these costumes to life! One size; fits most kids ages 3-6 years.
Fire Chief includes jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, and bullhorn with sound effect.
Construction Worker includes vest with tool belt, hard hat, goggles, hammer, and saw.
Train Engineer includes "overalls" printed smock, hat, wrench, hammer, dry erase train schedule and walkie-talkie with sound effects.
Super Hero Blue includes satiny tunic, removable cape, and reversible mask.
Super Hero Pink includes satiny tunic, removable cape, and reversible mask.
Backyard Explorer includes vest with mesh pockets, hat, binoculars, and bug jar with magnifying lid.

D580   Train Engineer     $29.95   Add to cart
D651   Construction Worker     $29.95   Add to cart
D752   Fire Chief     $29.95   Add to cart
D027   Super Hero Blue     $29.95   Add to cart
D569   Super Hero Pink     $29.95   Add to cart
D427   Backyard Explorer     $29.95   Add to cart
Special Needs Doll Equipment

Larger image

Special Needs Doll Equipment

Use this equipment in doll play for creating a positive self-image and inclusion. Soft dolls are about 15" tall. The dolls come with colorful sweatsuits and are machine washable and dryer safe. Wheelchair measures 12"H x 8"W x 9"L. Dolls and equipment sold separately.
WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

D899   Vinyl Glasses & Dark Vinyl Glasses     $4.95   Add to cart
D841   Leg Braces & Forearm Crutches     $16.95   Add to cart
D285   Seeing Eye Dog & Cane     $22.95   Add to cart
D870   Walker     $39.95   Add to cart
D084   Wheelchair     $39.95   Add to cart
D936   Set of all equipment (1 of each)     $104.95   Add to cart
D375   African-American Boy     $23.95   Add to cart
D317   African-American Girl     $23.95   Add to cart
D062   Asian Boy     $23.95   Add to cart
D254   Asian Girl     $23.95   Add to cart
D592   White Boy     $23.95   Add to cart
D627   White Girl     $23.95   Add to cart
D925   Hispanic Boy     $23.95   Add to cart
D326   Hispanic Girl     $23.95   Add to cart
D021   Set of the 8 dolls     $179.95   Add to cart
Magnetic Mix or Match Vehicles

Larger image

Magnetic Mix or Match Vehicles

Make a plane-train, or a car-boat! Let your imagination run wild, and build the vehicle of your dreams. The magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap and allows you to put your vehicles together and take them apart again and again. There are so many vehicle combinations you can make with each set! When both sets are combined the possible number of vehicle combinations is mind-boggling! A fun way to develop fine motor skills. Set 1 includes a car, a boat, a plane, and a train. Set 2 includes a pickup truck, a submarine, a helicopter, and a steam Train. Assembled train is 6.5"L. From 3 years.

D155   Set 1     $29.95   Add to cart
D482   Set 2     $29.95   Add to cart
Road Trip Puzzle Mat

Larger image

Road Trip Puzzle Mat

Build a town, a long highway, or a winding road! Kids create their own road trips with this modular puzzle mat. Surprise pop-up pieces create destinations all over town, like a gas station or a bakery. Includes 12 interchangeable foam floor tiles with beautiful artwork and details throughout. Includes also a vehicle (4.5"L), figurine (2"H), and accessories. Mat tiles are made of non-toxic EVA foam (10.5"x 10.5").
WARNING: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

D307          $49.95   Add to cart
Healthy Baskets

Larger image

Healthy Baskets

Help children learn about good nutritional choices at every meal with these durable sets of play food! Healthy Breakfast includes eggs, oatmeal, bagel, yogurt, and fruit. Healthy Lunch includes ingredients for a turkey sandwich, yogurt, pretzels, fruit and vegetables. Healthy Dinner includes grilled chicken, salmon, a sweet potato, asparagus, and a side salad. Each basket measures 8.5" x 6". From 2 years.

D314   Healthy Breakfast (11 pcs.)     $19.95   Add to cart
D568   Healthy Lunch (15 pcs.)     $19.95   Add to cart
D706   Healthy Dinner (14 pcs.)     $19.95   Add to cart
D461   Set of 3     $58.95   Add to cart
Fun with Fruit

Larger image

Fun with Fruit

This brightly colored set of plastic fruit comes apart into segments and can be "peeled,"?so children can create fruit salad in the bowl. The 13-piece set includes a fruit bowl, apple, strawberry, grapes, orange, watermelon, peach, pineapple, pear, plum lemon, banana, and a plastic knife. Pear is 3"H. From 3 years.

D675          $24.95   Add to cart
Cutting Food Box

Larger image

Cutting Food Box

Kids can practice their fine motor skills by slicing and serving these durable, wooden food items, or keep them whole for grocery shopping. This 31-piece set includes apple, pear, carrot, cucumber, pepper, watermelon wedge, sliced bread, artisan bread, cutting board, and knife. Convenient, sturdy wooden storage tray measures 11.5" x 10.5" x 3.5". Knife is 7.5"L. From 3 years.

D215          $19.95   Add to cart
Peel n' Play Veggies

Larger image

Peel n' Play Veggies

Realistic looking veggies that children can slice and peel, to practice their fine motor skills. The 13-piece set includes an avocado, tomato, broccoli, green pepper, corn, eggplant, peas in the pod, carrot, cauliflower, onion, lettuce, cutting board, and a plastic knife. The segmented vegetables can be pretend-peeled and sliced, then fit back together again with hook-and-loop. Carrot is 4"L. From 3 years.

D923          $24.95   Add to cart
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