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Success Stories: Customized Printable E-Books
Success Stories: Customized Printable E-Books
Create personalized stories for everyone in your class, caseload, or family. A one-year subscription will allow you to print an unlimited number of copies for as many different children as you want, for a whole year! Success Stories are personalizable children's books that were developed by a collaborative team of therapists and educators.
Customize the illustrations to the child's appearance based on gender, hair style and color, eye color, skin tone, glasses, and method of communication (e.g. sign language, words, communication device). Alter the text to personalize the story's content. For example, in the story "Feeling Angry" you can include specific situations that make a particular child angry, and describe the strategy that you would like the child to use to deal with his or her anger. Our collection of children's stories addresses emotional, social, and communication skills to foster character development.
When you purchase a subscription you will receive a certificate with an access code and simple instructions on how to print the books from the internet. Books are about 13 pages long and can be printed in color or in a coloring book format. These fun and engaging personalized books make every child feel special!
(see example here)
Each set is a one-year subscription for 3 books!
You must have an internet connection and printer to customize and print the books.
V703   Feelings Set 1     $14.95  $26.95 Add to cart
V322   Daily Routines Set 1     $14.95  $26.95 Add to cart

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