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Large Color Cards
Large Color Cards
These excellent packs of high-quality, laminated cards provide a wealth of teachingpossibilities to develop basic language concepts. The large size of these cards (6"x8") makes them perfect for small group activities.
The Objects set features 48 domestic objects arranged in six color-coded categories: food, toys, household objects, personal items, clothes and furniture with appliances.
The Basic Verbs is an excellent set for introducing verbs. The 48 actions are simple and the depictions are very clear. The objects used to demonstrate the active verbs are also simple and familiar to young children. Cards include people of different ages, abilities andethnicities. Verbs illustrated include brushing a dog, building with blocks, cutting with scissors, carrying a toy, crying, laughing, hugging, sneezing, and more.
The Familiar Verbs presents 48 frequently used verbs. They make a great addition to the Basic Verbs set. Each verb is shown with associated objects and actors to provide context and increase the opportunities for expressive language. Verbs pictured include brushing teeth, blowing bubbles, buying a soda, counting, cooking, listening to a CD, and more.
The Prepositions set includes 48 cards that illustrate eight prepositions: in, on, under, over, behind, in front, through, next to, and between. Each preposition is photographed in six different contexts.This set is also useful in teaching verbs.
L453   Everyday Objects     $48.95   Add to cart
L271   Prepositions     $48.95   Add to cart
L380   Basic Verbs     $48.95   Add to cart
L467   Familiar Verbs     $48.95   Add to cart
L806   Set of all 4     $189.95   Add to cart

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